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Sensitivity Reader

What is a sensitivity reader? 
  • someone who reads a literary work, looking for perceived offensive content, stereotypes and bias, creating a report for an author or publisher with suggested changes
Do you need a sensitivity reader if you've created a character that is different than you and part of a marginalized sub-group?
  • The short answer is no.  You don't need one, but as an author, it's your responsibility to honestly portray your characters to the best of your ability.  Not doing so could come off as offensive, and it could perpetuate stereotypes that we've worked so hard to dispel. 

How do you choose a sensitivity reader?
  • A google search is a good option.  Additionally, talk to other authors who have similar content and find out who they used.
How I can help:
  • If you have a character who is an amputee, I'd love to help make your project great!  I have over three decades worth of experience as an amputee, and I'm also an author.  Not only do I understand all things amputee, but I also know good writing.  I'd be honored to read your manuscript and offer feedback/suggestions!

Man with Amputee Lifting Weight

Most Recent Experience

Harper Collins- Dark Fantasy

Quarto Group, London- Children's Book

Simon and Schuster- YA Fantasy 

Harper Collins- Graphic novel 

Indie Author- YA Adventure

Man with Amputee Girlfriend on Beach

Reading Interests/Pricing

I'm open to reviewing any genre. 

Contact me for pricing, as fees depend on length and type of manuscript. Typically, though, I stick to the industry standard of $.005 per word.

Qualifications: I have my MAT (Masters in the Art of Teaching) from Miami University's Ohio Writing Project and have been teaching writing for 17 years. I am also an author myself.  Of course, my personal experience of being an amputee for the past 36 years likely makes me most qualified to work as a sensitivity reader for your manuscript. 

*Please note that I am a congenital amputee, so I don't have as much experience in what it's like to lose a limb later in life.  However, I'm very active in the amputee community and am a peer mentor for those who have just become amputees, so I can give feedback based on that. 

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