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Limb Image Boosts Self-Image Through Personalized Products

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Until recently, I have wanted my prosthesis to blend in and be as realistic as possible. With the release of my book and some gentle nudges from my prosthetist, my outlook has started to change. Throughout my writing process, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and let people see my flaws and successes. Why should my everyday life be any different?

With that realization, I decided to take the chance. My typical cosmetic skin covering has now gone by the wayside. Instead, my prosthesis is an eye-catching, shiny black with a white and gold graphic that states, "Fueled by Faith". There's definitely no blending in anymore; it's my statement piece. I joke with people that I'm too much of a wuss to get a tattoo, so this is the next best thing. Choosing the design was an easy decision because there is nothing more important to me and worth broadcasting than my faith in God. Somehow sporting this new type of prosthesis design has really empowered me. I'm proud of it and like the fact that it turns what some people would view as my defect into a beautiful piece of art.

I'm not alone in my new line of thinking, either. I was recently introduced to a man named Dylan Tennant through a mutual friend. Dylan became an amputee three years ago after being involved in a motorcycle accident. It didn't take long to figure out how positive of a person he is. He has embraced his new identity and uses it to help fuel his career as an entertainer. Wanting to make his leg part of his DJ gig, he sought out a limb cover. However, Dylan said, "the prices were way too high to justify buying one as a fashion statement." That's when his research lead him to Limb Image. He was pleasantly surprised at the low prices (starting below $200) and the customizable options that were available. He knew right away that he had found the right company for him. Dylan quickly ordered a custom piece to promote his event that was taking place in Ibiza just a few weeks later. All he had to do was send a simple drawing of what he wanted and take a couple measurements and within 3 days, the digital image was finished.

Dylan didn't just stop there, though. He decided to add LED lights to accentuate his cover to make a bigger statement on the Ibiza Rocks Hotel stage. Dylan said, "The comments I get on my custom cover are brilliant, and it's now a center piece of my show. When walking around my local town, I have people coming and asking me how I got such a cool looking leg (yes the ladies love it too). Since then my event has been fortunate enough to work with Angel City Sports From Los Angeles with a live DJ Stream, and Dave from Limb Image also made me an outstanding cover with their logo and my stage name perfectly etched in a beautiful royal blue color. I cannot say enough good things about Limb Image. This brilliant up and coming company is always there to help and do their job to a V.I.P Level."

Hearing Dylan's satisfaction with Limb Image has me itching to get my own cover. I have now been in touch with their company to see what they can do for me. What I love most is that they don't like calling their product a "cover" because they don't think anything needs to be concealed or covered up. David Berry, the founder of Limb Image, explained to me that their images are "more like prosthetic enhancements, meant to show off different personalities and styles through their various color and customizable options."

I'm not really interested in Limb Image's products because I want to replace my current prosthesis design. Instead, I'd like to ADD it to my repertoire. That's what is great about prosthetics these days-- they're getting so much more versatile! I still have my old leg that has the cosmetic skin for when I want to get all dolled up, I have my black leg for when I want to look fierce and athletic, and then I would have my cover from Limb Image for when I want to be whimsical and artsy. My prosthesis is now like jewelry or shoes; it's an accessory that I can have fun with. Instead of making me self conscious like I thought it would, it has made me more confident, improved my self-image, and makes me feel beautiful. Who would have thought a design on a prosthesis could have such a positive affect?!

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