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Thankful For Mobility

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Because the gyms are closed due to quarantine, exercise has looked a lot different for me lately. With no equipment at home except for some light weights, I've had to get creative. Thankfully, the weather is getting warmer, so most of my cardio has been outside. In fact, I prefer to exercise outdoors because there is more to look at, and it distracts me from what I'm doing.

As seen in the video above, I've been rollerblading a lot because it's less impact on my smaller-than-normal knee. Additionally, I run, walk my new puppy, ride my bike, and mow the grass. My husband and I mow a few people's yards in our neighborhood, so during the spring when the grass grows quickly, I mow about 3-4 times a week. I'm weird and LOVE mowing the grass. I like the pretty end-product, being productive, and the workout it gives me.

Because I don't have as many low-impact options during quarantine, my stump has really taken a beating. I started off doing cardio every single day as a mental break from working at home. I really enjoyed that time that I could totally mentally disengage from everything going on (even if it was only for 30 minutes). However, as you can see from the three pictures above, I quickly learned that that type of exercise was not going to be feasible on a daily basis. I started getting blisters right on my tibia and swelling near the base of my stump. Where my heel was stitched on, it started getting red and inflamed. I decided to start mixing in weight training every other day and do workout videos like the one that I created without my leg on to give my stump a rest. It really seemed to do the trick because I have no pain or skin abrasions right now!

Don't get me wrong, my minor skin issues and moderate pain aren't anything compared to what a lot of amputees endure. Being capable of this type of mobility is SUCH a blessing. I sometimes find myself taking how active I am for granted. However, my bad leg days make me remember to appreciate every moment of when things are going well (and even when they're not). I'm a member of an amputee support group on Facebook, and a woman was sharing that she walked 15 steps that day, which was a huge victory for her. She hadn't walked one step in six years! It breaks my heart to hear situations like that, especially knowing how well I get around. I actually feel a little guilty about it sometimes. But, I know those people wouldn't want me feeling sorry for them or pitying them. However, I do think they have a lot to teach us about living in the moment and being appreciative of what we CAN do each day.

I've been intentional in working out every single day since quarantine started. I'm proud that I haven't missed a day, no matter what state my stump has been in. I've adapted and haven't let my leg stop me. If something is getting in your way of exercising or staying healthy, try adapting to do what you ARE able to do. Getting creative and being persistent has helped me push through some of my stump challenges. You can do it! When there's a will, there's a way!

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